Stinky Whizzleteats (hermit_crab) wrote in training_logs,
Stinky Whizzleteats

This week, last week, Dec 21-Jan 1

W: 5
Th: 8
Fr: 8 (trail)
Sa: 0 (knee hurts)
Su: 0 (knee hurts)

M: 8 (trail)
T: 5
W: 10
Th: 9 (trail)
Fr: 8 (trail)
Sa: 4 (trail)
Su: 9 (trail)

The knee was hurting like hell last week, and I was worried it would never heal. Halfway through this week, it started feeling a lot better. I think that has a lot to do with the offroad miles on dirt and mud. The trail running here is so slow that I average 9-11 minutes per mile, and I'm really enjoying that. I think I'll have to start trail running a lot more from now on. I found some Merrell Full Pursuits for $19 at the Marshall's here. I alternated trail running in the Saucony Chebaccos and the new Merrells. The Merrells are much heavier and stiffer, but I don't feel the rocks as much. Running on asphalt feels pretty awful in the Merrells, so I guess I'll use those mostly for more rugged trail running.
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