Stinky Whizzleteats (hermit_crab) wrote in training_logs,
Stinky Whizzleteats

Jan 16-22

M: 12 easy
T: 6:00, then 2:45X4 at 10k effort, 9 miles total
W: 12 easy
Th: 2X1 mile (6:16 uphill and into the wind, 5:46 going the opposite way,) then 3 mile tempo run, 11 total
Fr: 5 easy
Sa: 15
Su: 11

Week: 75

That was a pretty hard week, given the two speed days. By the time I ran Saturday's 15, I was quite tired. It just goes to show that speed wears me out more than distance does. I took my Fitsense with me on Friday and figured out 1-mile and 2-mile stretches along the LA River bike path, so that I can do measured repeats there. Right now, it's pretty empty, but when the days get longer, the incredibly obnoxious members of the L.A. Tri Club show up and ride that path, nearly running over everything in front of them. I decided that if I ever start doing triathlons, I will never join the L.A. Tri Club on this basis. As is typical of the area, they seem to really like being seen in big groups in flashy uniforms more than anything else.

My big thrill of the week was nabbing a pair of Brooks Racer ST 2s on Ebay for $25 shipped. If they fit well, and if the medial post isn't too hard, and if they are lighter than advertised (as was true of the Brooks Burns,) I think they might make good marathon shoes. I have figured out that I should only run marathons in shoes I get on Ebay. This is my track record:

  • Marathon 1, Mizuno Phantoms purchased in a retail store: Injury, DNF, out for 6 months. Bad.

  • Marathon 2, Nike Triax TCs purchased on Ebay for $19: Good marathon.

  • Marathon 3, Nike Triaxes again: Another good marathon.

  • Marathon 4, Nike Air Streak IIs purchased in a retail store: Massive blistering, near DNF, horrible searing pain, but... a PR. Would have been a bigger PR if I hadn't blistered so badly.

So this tells me that my luck with running marathons in shoes I buy in stores is bad; my luck with running marathons in shoes I get online (and particularly from Ebay,) is very good.
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