Stinky Whizzleteats (hermit_crab) wrote in training_logs,
Stinky Whizzleteats

1-23 thru 1-29

M: 11 with 3X1 mile (6:15 uphill and into the wind, then 5:49, 5:45)
T: 10 felt terrible
W: 10 felt even worse
Th: 8 even worse. Now my knee hurts
Fr: off Felt too shitty to run
Sa: 14 Better, but still feeling crappy. Knee still hurts.
Su: 7 slightly better

Total: 60

I would have to guess that there are all magnitudes of viruses in the world. Some will kill you, while others are so mild that you're not sure they're there. I think I had (still have?) one of those. By Thursday, I was tripping over my own feet, and I had a lot of strange bodyaches. No fever, no congestion, just bodyaches and wooziness. I meant to run 70-75 this week, but some things are not meant to be.

On top of that, my $19 Saucony Trigons from Ebay turned out to be a horrible choice. There is a wad of material right under the arch that stabs into your foot if you don't have really high arches. I figured out that because I was running with my feet in pain (I'm cheap after all, so I ran in the stupid things even though they felt like shit,) I probably relaxed my inner quads too much, which causes my bad kneecap to drift outwards, making it hurt. On Sunday's run (which might not have been a good idea seeing how I still wasn't 100%,) I ran in a pair of Reebok Premier Lite IIs and my feet and legs felt a zillion times better. The Reeboks are truly hideous in black/silver, but they're really comfy. Maybe I should get the Lite III when these wear out.

Amidst my wooziness and knee pain, my friend from high school wrote me to gloat over his 56-minute 10 mile race on a hilly course, which made me feel like a big slug.
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